about erock and this site

on a coffee breakso the thoughts that spurred this site into creation are that:

(1) writing is good for me and will keep my brain limber
(2) i will be better at keeping in touch with people en masse
(3) someone other than my parents is interested in what i’m up to
(4) i am a forgetful gal and could use the reminder myself

this babe with the coffee mug is me as i am in DC.  i’m happy.  i drink coffee black, work as an architect in Dupont, watch a lot of movies, cook a lot of good vegetarian meals, and spend my time with a wonderful creative musician.  i love my housemates, can’t get enough of my bookclub gals and DC friends, i ride my bike hard.  we go out for music and have hook-ups at the bars…
DC isn’t far from my family…
as KV would say: if this ain’t nice, i don’t know what is.

but i’m giving it up in just over one month.

i’m going on an adventure.
meet mike bush, my travel partnermikey.
(today is not really his birthday)
i met mike at college where we were both enrolled in the architecture program and living in peabody hall on Western Campus.  we’ve always been creative and mischeivous inspirations for each other and i’ve missed him a great deal in the last 4 years.  we travel great together.  i think we’re on the same wave length.  meandering.  on september 20th we’re moving to Buenos Aires for the unforeseeable future.

here’s what people ask me:

q. what for?  (work?)
a. not for work, though eventually it would be nice to have a job.  i’m nervous about not having an income and i’m guilt ridden for being so self-indulgent. (ridiculous, i know)  a loooong time ago as people were deciding what was important to them, i figured out i wanted to be a traveler.  i cannot call myself a traveler yet.  it’s time to get that going.  i already know i want to live in helsinki next.

q. why argentina?
a. the cost of living played a huge role in our decision.  we looked at the statistics, safety, technology etc. of spanish speaking countries.  settled for a time on santiago, chile and then switched to buenos aires when we found out it was more european in style.  i liked the idea.  anyway, it’s just a starting point – we’re going to travel south america and settle where we like the most and can live comfortably, maybe with jobs.

q. can you speak spanish?
a. not yet.  learning another language is part of the objective.  i took a quick course to prepare.  i learned, no hablo espanol.

q. will you come back?
a. i have to go away for long enough to make leaving it all worthwhile.  i could easily come back.

here’s what people say in response:

you’re so brave. to which i say: aw, well thanks, but you could do it too.  you should!  my job will be no great loss and i have no responsibilities.  it’s scary to leave the stability, but i’m ready.  i have lots of livin’ to do.  i’ve been cowardly for too long.

be careful… thanks, you too.  seriously, i will be careful (mom & dad).  friends and family have given me contacts and loads of valuable advice and much-needed encouragment.  it has all added to my excitement.  also – thanks to several friends who inspired and pushed me to challenge myself.

expect a visitor! this one i love.  yes!  please visit me.

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8 responses to “about erock and this site


  2. Ahhhh, yes! This is greatness. Definately liking the look and feel of this site. Hope you update it often, and good luck with all your travels, you maverick renegade.

  3. Hooray! If Mike pisses you off, I’m sure you can sell him. I’m going to start makin visitin plans!

  4. Good luck to both of you! I hope very much that you will continue to be good to this blog because I demand to know how things go with you. It’s been too long since I’ve known that, anyway. I don’t know how to email you! How can I find out? pribble (at) gmail (dot) com works for this guy.

  5. Erica, I just love that this movie made such an impression on you. Everyone should see it and allow the messages to seep into their souls. I know that this and so many of your youth experiences influenced you to be adventurous – and you’re right to follow that path. Peace, my dear, to you and all your friends-those we already love and those we met only through photos.

  6. Just checking in and reading your posts … It seems alot like Italia with the pollution and the pizzerias and such … Once you get out “in campagna” I’m sure you’ll breathe … j

  7. Hey you!!! I like how you’re keeping up with the site and what not. The pictures look great. So, I’m definitely planning a trip to come see you. I was real surprised by what the city looks like. Not at all how I expected it. Anyway, I’ve GOTTA see for myself. Hahahahaha…. Well good to hear that all is well, give me a call sometime, or send me your number so I can call you. Talk you soon. Later.

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Just wanted to stop by and tell you to have a good day/night. Talk to you soon.

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