watching over…

i am traveling with these guys in spirit.
Halloween has just passed and my berfday is approaching.  my memories from this time last year are vivid, in Buenos Aires.  as tired of that city as i became, i miss it desperately at times.  i am compiling a “best of” list for yet another friend who making plans to spend some time there, and i am JEALOUS!  he’s going to have so much fun.  i think it’d be really fun to go back for a two week vacation.  or one month.  or two. 
well, that is not going to be a reality anytime soon.  lots to do here!  my new job is a good one.  i’ve gotten used to my office.  not really gelling with my co-workers yet but i haven’t been making a real effort.  i’ve been so BUSY! with deadlines!  um, yeah… so what am i doing posting right now?  i got distracted!  well, better go.   i will fill you in on Halloween and all that later.  ta ta.

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