wrote this in my journal a couple nights ago…

“my last night in south america.  wow.  crossing the dirt intersection after dinner, motorcycles wizzing by and palm trees bending in the evening breeze, i was thinking to myself “i will miss this.”  the grit of it all.  the exploration and strange delights.  the weirdness.  day to day, week to week mystery of where i am going.  trying new things.  stumbling into adventrues.  i don’t know why this outlook can’t continue at home…  i think we settle into our surroundings and strive for stability…  i miss a little of that too.  can you have it both?  we’ll see. ”

to you who are reading this, thanks for following along with me.  thanks for making yourselves known too.  the messages and emails meant a lot to me.  i know my absence was small in the scheme of most of your lives – but i assure you i felt your absence daily.  looking forward to filling that void.  hope we can visit soon.

my plan is to live at home in Chardon with my parents for several months.  mom has the summer off and i hope to work with my dad on projects.  i’ve enjoyed recording life here so i will continue to do so!
more fun to come, right!?

si, por supuesto!  xo


One response to “wrote this in my journal a couple nights ago…

  1. Erica-
    I am sorry I didn’t make it to your party last night! I hope you had a wonderful time…….

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