my make-shift Peruvian Bus family and Lima

the 50 hour bus ride between Santiago and Lima, Peru was something of a bonding experience.  i felt like a survivor on that show LOST.  we had a whole cast of characters on board.  at the end i was introduced to the families i had heard so much about and we kissed and hugged goodbye like old friends.  weird and… sweet.  and typical of the friendly people i`ve met in south america. 
today was my second day in Lima.  my hostel is nice and small.  i actually have a room all to myself.  the owner and his two friends who run the place are extremely enthusiastic and friendly.  it is located in Miraflores, where they direct all the tourists to stay.  it is very safe with upscale restaurants and shopping.  i have walked the local sites: parque de amor and the giant mall with cosmic bowling were worth visiting for the view of the ocean…  met up with an old family friend who happens to be studying here for a month.  we had a fantastic Brazilian dinner then out for dessert.  also met up with Val!  she lives here.  she took me to the pedestrian way dubbed “Pizza Ave.” 

santa rosatoday i ventured out to the center and to Plaza de Armas.  it was incredible and i will have to explore there more next week.  SO many churches and eccentric religious icon vendors.  i visited the sanctuary of Santa Rosa.  there are many fun stories about Santa Rosa…  for instance, the devil tried to torment Santa Rosa as she prayed.  he hid in a lemon tree above her but failed to shake her from her meditation.  when he gave up the tree was left burnt to a crisp but it still bore fruit for many years after.  Santa Rosa slept only two hours a night.  her bed was made of two logs and a pile of rocks for a pillow.  to stay awake she suspended herself by HER HAIR from a nail in the wall.  (!!!)  there’s more. 

SFafterward i wandered around till i found the church of san francisco and the catacombs.  the area around there is neat.  the architecture is amazing.  i don`t know what to call it.  look at the photos.  i love the wooden bays typical on the second floors.  these crumbling buildings now house single room operations of printing presses and silk screeners.  building after building, street after street.  bizarre.  somewhere in there is also the china town of Lima.

san francisco church was amazing.  one of the most interesting churches i`ve ever been in.  great tour.  beautiful.  there were friars playing soccer in the courtyard. 

well, i am sorry i won`t have more photos of the areas outside of Miraflores.  i don`t feel safe/comfortable taking out my camera.  and there’s nothing to see in Miraflores. 

ah.  hungry now. 
looking forward to cusco.  sean is meeting me to hike the inca trail to Machu Picchu.  more soon.  xo


2 responses to “my make-shift Peruvian Bus family and Lima

  1. Are we not missing a chapter or two? I think there was maybe a visit to Pablo Neruda’s house? Heh, just razzing you…

  2. Such lovely and beautiful sites!! Are you sure you’re ready to return to the mundane sites of Ohio?? LOL Just kidding… like some wise person said.. “adventures happen everywhere we go” 😉 Take care…

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