two in one day! santiago, chile

i went BACK to BA after the farm.  i decided to travel with my bike (not ON it) so that i don´t have to fly back to BA after Peru.  i have a date but not a plane ticket yet… i am coming back to the states May 25th-ish.  i hustled some stuff to the post office to ship home and and headed out with andrea right away.  but not before making a brazilian meal with our former house mom marina.  we improvised a darn good moqueka.  mm! 

so andrea and i headed north to mendoza.  a place i had been looking forward to for a long time.  wine country.  i will update this part with the facts and figures but an insane amount of wine comes from this little city below the andes but otherwise in the middle of nowhere.  an insane amount also never leaves here, as the wineries all have sorts they don’t release.  anyway, nice little place.  we stayed at a fantastic hostel (the Alamo) and made FRIENDS!  yes, crazy.  we have long ago tired of the hostel scene but lo, we met a fun and laid back group.  played cards and pool.  during the day andrea and i rode bikes, explored the parks, went rafting.  mendoza is great for lazing around or getting into adventure sports.  and drinking wine of course.  we made it out to a winery tour and museum.  bought some merlot jam that i will try to reproduce for you cause it was yummy. 

we left mendoza over the andes passing piled plastic bottle shrines for safe travel and red shrines of red stuff for i don´t know what.  it was a breathtaking ride on the bus.  when you come thru on the Chilean side you zig zag out of the shear face mountains with rocks slides around you.  a river grows.  a dilapidated and abandoned railway hiccups along.  a line of colorful houses appears, surrounded by flowery landscaping and sometimes a horse.  tall green and yellow trees sway with a hint of autumn.  snow capped mountains beyond.  like a movie set.  a convent wall of broken stucco, rusted bell tower.  faded colors, yellow, blue, papaya, green.  so so nice.

ridersthen we arrive in santiago.

noone i talked to was impressed by santiago but so far i love it! 

we are in another fantastic hostel…  Bellavista Hostel in the old bellavista neighborhood.  so far is that santiago has more of what i want.  good design, good ethnic food, variety, thrift stores…  parks and museums.  yesterday during sunset i rode my bike up the giant hill with the statue of the virgin at the top.  it was a good 45 mins. uphill.  high.  the view was amazing. the city was a lot bigger from up there.  took a wrong way in the dark on my way home but it was seredipitous because i found other parks, an crazy light show water fountain, talked to people for directions, and rode into an indian food festival!  oh my gosh!!!  andrea waved me down when i passed a bar they were at.  had a drink and FINALLY got a hot shower.  going to more museums today.  maybe thrift shopping, though i hardly need anything else to carry.  yea. 

i am thinking of you all a lot.  miss you and hope you know i love ya. 


One response to “two in one day! santiago, chile

  1. hey May 25ish is coming up! hope all is well with you. What are your last travel plans going to be? more adventure, relaxing, reviewing… love and miss you,too.

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