the farm!

wake upunfortunately i did not have an opportunity to write during my two weeks in Puerto Montt, Chile.  i would have had a lot to report about all the things i was seeing and doing at the organic farm i was working at. 
i booked it down to Bariloche, AR where i was surrounded by chocolate, volcanoes, and icy blue lakes.  didn’t stay long enough to enjoy it though, i rushed on to Puerto Montt, through the Andes.  it was a beautiful route with towering pine forests, rivers and hidden farms.  in Puerto Montt i found a van that would take me to Metri, a 40 min. ride.  they droped me off at the end of a gravel road that ran up a hill away from the ocean and into the forest of pines and hazelnut trees.  down this road i found another gravel drive where i happily ran into Mike Bush and Allison (from OR)!
we worked on la granja de Matias.  it is a small family farm.  Matias grows a lot of lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, cucumbers etc.  he makes apple cider vinegar and goat cheese.  while there we built a greenhouse, milked goats, picked a ton of apples, climbed trees, swam in a lake, hiked around, played banjo… we made our meals with what we picked on the farm supplemented by homemade bread we bought at a house/store down the gravel road.  my hands were blackberry stained the entire time.  i took a “shower” with water from a pot i heated over a woodburning stove.  some of it really tested my … patience?  but it was a magical time.  i might say it was the most beautiful location to live.  i am planning my own sustainable homestead for someday. 

aight.  NOW i am in Santiago, Chile.  i might as well start a new post to separate the time that has passed.  chau.


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