Buenos Aires: take three. the last leg, i think…

an update is overdue… except that i haven’t been doing much to report. most of the activity has been taking place in my head. aftercarnaval , which ended well and timely, the city had taken as much abuse as it could handle. it reeked. it was sticky. the people were spent. everyone in our apt. came down with colds and some weird fungal rash. tears came easy. it was great! no, seriously. you just had to be there.

well one thing – the last night- Fat Tuesday we made our way down to Barra. a route we hadn’t been on yet. it is the upscale tourist neighborhood. there was a completely different feel. the route was along the ocean so it was less hectic and claustrophobic. the shore at night looked like the edge of the earth, disappearing to black with the sky. the people looked different too. race and social class seem to go hand in hand here as well. and there were more tourists.

anyway, we saw fat boy slim. that was aight. then we found a good place to stand and we just stayed there, dancing on top of the wall, letting the parade pass us. the best part of the night was that there was this dirt cliff across the street from us. some people had climbed up there to be at eye level with the bands passing on the trucks. so there was this dude up there by himself… he would wait till abloco came near then he’d put on this red helmet with a toy truck strapped on top, he had some crazy outfit covered with toys or something… all red and black. then he would stand in this rock ‘n roll pose with an electric guitar and whale on it like he was playing along with the bands. i imagined that he was recording his performance with thecarnaval as back up. he was hilarious! he would, like, lay down for a nap in between bands.

so that was fun. we also had masks that night. and actually stayed out late enough to see the trash trucks following the crowds home. you could feel the city breathe a sigh of relief.
we said goodbye to salvador with heavy hearts. in the cab to the airport andrea spotted the billboard which read “Salvador will miss you. See you next carnaval.”

we spent four short days in Rio where we met up with Val and her irish man for a futbol game, spent one fancy, but quiet night on the pool deck of the Copacabana Palace, and got in some blazing hot beach time. the beaches were insane. there is a lot of sand before you hit the water but in between there is a dense zone of people. the “zones” are as distinct as neopolitan icecream. saaaaand. people and umbrellas, hardly room to walk. then the frigid water. water was a perfect contrast to the extreme heat. like a cold plunge after the sauna. we were drained.

now i’m in Buenos Aires formulating my plans. i have a room in an apt. with andrea. her friends were in town. we went out a little. i’ve been really tired. overwhelmed with making decisions. the weather is cooler and the city is rained on almost everyday. then it clears up and is beautiful. i’ve been getting up early, sometimes before seven! i sit with tea and read, write or draw. listen to music. no pressure to do anything. i saw two movies.Borat was dumb. but Perfume was pretty excellent. it was a twisted book but i would definitely recommend reading it. its weird to have a movie about smells…. the book is very descriptive in ways the movie can’t be.

i am surprised to be so happy to be back. feels very familiar to me and there are things i will miss like the street scape and casual bars at night. it is tempting to stay here till the end of the month. my plans have evolved again and i am scheduled to leave the apt on sunday . i think i am heading south to work with mike bush on a farm in Patagonia. i am not prepared to go which stresses me out. i haven’t quite got the money thing sorted out.uhg. and i don’t have warm clothing or a sleeping bag yet. uhg. my plans keep changing so i won’t bore you with the details, but i have a rough goal of being home in June.

i am really really really looking forward to seeing my friends and family and getting into the stuff i want to do at home. the next big things. because adventures happen everywhere we go. lessons learned. ciao.

6 responses to “Buenos Aires: take three. the last leg, i think…

  1. Time’s a flyin’ !! Adventures *are* everywhere 😉 Stay safe and sane !! LOL

    BTW, if you have the opportunity, get me a bit of sand from the beach 🙂 — if they let you bring it thru customs — I’ll add it to my sand collection (long story short — I have a cheap souvenior collection and a friend chose to bring me a bit of sand as an addition but it turned into it’s own collection.. now I have sand from Japan, India, Ocracoke Island, and the Greek Isles LOL).

    Cheers 🙂

  2. thanks for the post card. give me a call when you get back stateside. hope your having a marvelous time.

  3. You do sound very relaxed/ at home in Buenos Aires. That’s a good. Tea, reading watching movies..does sound a bit like home! Working on a farm,huh? Hmm..last leg you say? Ok. Enjoy the rest of your adventures …We are all really really looking forward to seeing you too. Stay safe and stress free! Next adventure is right around the corner.. Buh bye. See you in a few months.?!?!?

  4. erica- thanks so much for the postcard- it mad both brian and i smile- and for some reason- your last post- made me teary eyed- not in a sad way- just in a reflective way for some reason- miss you- be safe- and enjoy the adventures around every corner-

  5. Karen Fullerton

    Erica, I have loved keeping track of your travels and what you are experiencing. This will be a wonderful chapter in your life. I can’t believe you haven’t gotten your folks down to visit. Hank & Linda — get going before she comes home!
    Hugs, Karen and Brooks

  6. Erica,
    It’s great to hear about your adventures and your reflections. Enjoy your time and remember how many people here love and miss you! Thanks for the postcard!

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