hobo robs gringas! (not really)

rumor around the neighborhood is that the gringas were robbed by a “hobo.”  I don´t know how a “hobo” became our assailant, but it is both interesting and nice that the neighbors are aware of us and perhaps looking out.  when they ask, we explain that we were not robbed but our ATM information was stolen at a machine without us knowing it. 

i got a pleasant surprise yesterday morning when the woman across the hall delivered groceries our landlady bought as a gift for us.  the was alarmed when she actually showed up!  but she wanted to invite us to lunch at her house today.  lunch is the big meal of the day ´round here.  typically people get a 2 hour lunch break from work!  Alessandra, the landlady, is making frambrosa (?) a Brazilian dish.

i am recovering from the dumps.  took care of business this morning.  no bank resolutions – but i found a source of money till i get a new bank card.  then we went shopping.  never would i subject myself to shopping as a means of cheering myself up, but in this case i knew what i was looking for.  that´s the key.  i bought 3 amazing bikinis.  these days i rarely bother with underwear.  straight to the swimsuits.  they are smaller, thus cooler.  and this way i am ready at any moment to jump in the ocean. 

some have asked about the ocean…  some know i have a little ocean phobia…  my brothers for instance.  after matt was stung by a manowar when we were kids – i am the one who never got over it.  on family vacations i made either matt or dane tow me into the water on a raft, not wanting to touch the ground.  and more recently at Ocean City i was sure to stay in close proximity to friends – as a force field to any dangers.  here it is usually just andrea and i and one of us needs to stay with the blanket on the sand.  so i brave the ocean alone.  sometimes there are kids nearby but there is so much beach so no need for crowding. 

the sand is like powder.  its HOT.  there are no rocks.  no shells.  no trash.  just sand.  the surf is strong.  surfers and body boarders hang out between large rock formations that separate the different beaches.  people hang out on the rocks.  i steer clear of the rocks.  i like to keep my eye on the sand underfoot.  i am startled by the shadows cast on the sand underwater.  i can see clearly through the aquamarine.  but its just my shadow.  there doesn´t seem to be anything to be afraid of. 


One response to “hobo robs gringas! (not really)

  1. A jellyfish stung me after about 15 seconds in the ocean at Pinamar. Ain’t no thang, they had some concoction for it, but it only supported (what I consider) my healthy fear of the ocean. Also, it’s hysterical that you bring up Ocean City. In Argentina, I must have talked about Ocean City a dozen times with people from all over place. It was this weird reoccurring conversation that new people would keep bringing up.

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