trying out tagzania…

something i wanted to do long ago but didn´t figure out.  i stumbled on this today.  give it a shot.  let me know if it´s confusing or helpful and maybe i´ll keep it up. 

Tagzania: Items by penttilatron 

had lots of time today to putz around cause i´m nursing my swollen feet.  managed to LOOSE ALL MY MUSIC on my ipod.  dumb.  guess i´ve got room for all my new south america music that i´ll be collecting.  we´ll trade when i get back.  okay?  (i´m super bummed) 

in other news:  andrea bought three new bikinis today, our apartment is feeling good, the sun is about to set so i´m going to go enjoy that.  tah tah.   xo


3 responses to “trying out tagzania…

  1. tagzania is neat. I like getting the sense of where you are or where you’ve been. That’s cool you’re learning the banjo too. We’ll expect a little concertito when you return.

  2. Tagzania is great. We’ve been going through Google Earth to find you, but this takes that step right out. Thank you from the entire Penttila family, including aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends on both mom and dad’s sides!

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