snake on my fork

snake dinnerfor our last night in Lençóis Lucas invited us to dine at his house.  we gathered some chairs on the sidewalk and street and shared a beautifully prepared plate of boa constrictor.  yes. 
snake is not a typical meal for them, so we were flattered to be included in one they were so excited about.  the whole experience was awesome.  the street lighting, the smells, the language and communication, the open doors and curious children.  shadows cast on weathered stucco…  the intimate presentation of the meal:  one plate refilled, several forks, gathered chairs around a stool, passing the pimento hot sauce.
i thought it was funny how the women, Lucas´s grandma and mom sat silently in the door or leaned out the window of their house across the street the whole time.  either they weren´t interested in trying it or they don´t eat with the men.  ? 
gathered there were Ba (lucas´s dad) Ba (dad´s twin brother) the chef neighbor who later filled us with homemade cachaça, Lucas and Lucas (jr.), andrea and i. 
the snake tasted like what i remember tender stewed chicken to taste like. 

following Ba´s lead i picked my teeth with it´s ribs.


3 responses to “snake on my fork

  1. Hey there! WOW, Boa Constrictor!! That’s great! I’m glad to hear that you’re so immersed in the culture and everything down there. I also took a look at the pictures you have posted from what looks like the Jungle. That must have been quite the experience. It’s pretty awesome what you’re doing! Well, keep on keeping on. Talk you soon.

  2. OK – tell me you saved a couple of ribs as a sourvenir – Jake says “hi” and he misses you – love from all…

  3. If chicken and boa taste so similar, how come they don’t get along?

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