quick comment on portugues poetry…

when you can´t understand words whispered from a guy making goofy, scrunched eyebrow faces, how are you supposed to think its romantic?  i take it very lightly but it sure is amusing.

this is not a serious problem, just funny, and i thought you´d appreciate the observation: 
i haven´t met a man who hasn´t tried to kiss me (in brazil).  i´m serious, almost.  it´s hilarious but also really annoying.  then they mope around for a couple days or try to convince you that you are their sun, moon, the air they breath etc etc…  i take it they experience rejection with every new wave of visitors that it doesn´t phase them much to be so blunt and then get shoved. 
and they are young.  but its also a cultural difference.  relationships are very casual here. 

well, regardless of the noble but ridiculous efforts of the locals, we made some great friends and i am sad to leave.  often i imagined a life there.  an easy life. 

after breaking hearts in Lençóis we make our return to Salvador where we´ll spend carnival.  i think its going to get wild… i just want to put my sore feet up and sit by the ocean.  still got money troubles, in that i don´t have access to any.  um.  talk to me first if you´re going to travel and rely on atm machines. 



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