caralho! feliz ano novo!

free champagne!i rung in 2007 on a sandy Copacabana beach with one friend and close to 2 million strangers.  damp from the drizzle, but not discouraged there was a lot of dancing, fireworks, champagne, fair food, resolutions, casting of flowers, a surprise Black Eyed Peas concert, and even a chilly dip in the ocean.  made wishes for you all to have luck in the new year.  (check out andrea´s photos of Rio)



6 responses to “caralho! feliz ano novo!

  1. Happy New Year from Ohio! I looked for your smiling face on TV when they showed shots of RIO but alas you must of been lost in the sea of faces.

  2. Looks Amazing! Happy new year, darlin’.

  3. Happy New Year! Rio looks like a blast! Glad to hear you went “polar bearing” I was in Pennsylvania and took a chilly dip in a lake there too to ring in the new year! Miss you!

  4. Happy New Year. I’ve been working on getting my bike ready for next summer with dad. I have a motor to help me get up those steep hills and I’m waiting for you to come home so we can take another bike trip together. I love you and miss you.

  5. I loved the pic of you ON the bar ! LOL. Mark thinks you are having way to much fun. (of course we are all envious of you). Rio looks beautiful, as all the places have. Keep the stories and pictures coming. Stay safe. As always ,we miss you.

  6. OMG those pics are incredible! A surprise BEP concert would be much fun !! We all miss you much and think of you often 😉 as you continue on with your ventures!! Take care

    (Just an FYI… it’s 57 degrees today in Ohio LOL I feel so blessed!).

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