Buenos Aires part II

second stay in the city is laid back.  my room rental is fantastic.  Giselle set me up with a friend and neighbor of Marina´s.  I´d met Alberto at a dinner party we had one of my first weekends here and i saw his place when mike was shopping around.  so i knew what i was getting as my bus arrived in town.  as best as i can tell Alberto is a gallery owner and hobby painter.    Rita es el gato negro.  she´s extremely social, when i turn around she finds her way into my room to nap on my clean laundry.  maybe that´s why she was named for a famous prostitute in Rosario.  other folks in the house include Oliver, 23 from london and Jesse, a planner recentely from New York.  a George Washington student named Boyan just left for Brazil, another artist from Tucuman also just left for the summer months to spain for an exhibition.  and a musician and his wife are out on vacation.  i´ve been playing a lot of banjo.  napping.  saw three movies including Volver, which was challenging without subtitles. 
friday we had a dinner at marina´s then headed to this monthly Balkanic dance party that i´ve heard so much about, finally experiencing first hand the insanity.  woah.  live bands, beautiful crowds, immediately lost most of the people we came with.  danced till 6:30 in the morning and left with the party still going strong. 

yesterday i visited Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.  i was happy to learn of the buenos aires born artist Ernesto Deira 1928-1986.  i really love his early work, paintings and pen drawings. 
today i get my brazil visa.  i called the US embassy to see about yellow fever shots and learned that they are utterly worthless for advice. 
now i´m headed to another museum MALBA and doing laundry.  its 27*C (81*F) and getting hotter.  looks like its about the same in Rio.  ready to go. 


One response to “Buenos Aires part II

  1. How spoiled am I? You’re enduring 80 degree weather and here in Ohio, I’m enjoying the fact that we’ve had only a few days of snow (and this is my first winter back in Ohio in 18 yrs).

    Keep exploring!! I think one of these days I’ll hit the road and “paint” my way around the world — with my skills I’d have to get used a very meager life… LOL

    Good luck with the travelling !! And keep on blogging !! We love living vicariously here in NEOhio…

    much love,

    Aunt B

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