the road to Tarabuco, Bolivia

mike´s tarabucomike took video of a ride we hitched to a market outside of Sucre. it started as a sunny, hot day. clear skies. when rounded a mountain and the first drops of rain began to fall the driver politely stopped to fasten the blue tarp over our heads.
RIGHT CLICK here and ¨SAVE¨ the file to your computer to view it. mike says they´ll shut him down if we clog his bandwidth. thanks much. xo

and hey!  merry christmas!  🙂  thanks for the messages.  i miss everyone and will take more care in ensuring i´m not away for the holidays anymore.  here they celebrate christmas eve more than christmas day.  there are practically no decorations.  i could have blinked and missed christmas entirely.  its customary to have a dinner party with family and friends, which is what we did at my new house.  dinner at 10 pm, a toast at midnight –  which we became aware of when the fireworks that´d been going off for hours suddenly took on a new ferver.  today the city is shut down.  the streets are covered with evidence of the haphazard firework displays.  i took my bike out to enjoy the empty streets.  just spent an hour at the Recoleta Cementario taking photos of the amazing tombs.

thinking of home, the sauna, egg nog and fireplaces.


2 responses to “the road to Tarabuco, Bolivia

  1. Hey Erica. Your adventures amaze me. Jake and I watched your video and had a good laugh. How many miles did you have to travel from home to hitch a ride on a delapidated truck? We missed you and Elina at Mumma’s for Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful New Year celebration in Rio. Stay safe. We love you.

  2. Erica! The video was great! Looks like a wild ride and it was good to SEE you! Miss you and glad to hear it sounds like the adventures are continuing well!

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