back in Buenos!

i´m more happy than i would have expected to return to buenos aires.  i´ve got a room to myself in a minimal house with a courtyard arrangement.  it´s around the block from my old house.  so it´s nice to be near andrea and san telmo.  just found out ivan is nearby as well.  the last bus i took was a 26 hour ride.  saw lots of movies.  it´s HOT here.  muggy.  i´m ready for the brazilian beaches.

got in last night and met andrea.  went to my new place then we headed out to the monday night drum party at KONEX.  found some other folks we knew and headed to the after bar.  caught a cab home but decided we needed icecream.  i´d been missing it. 

i had mate flavor with pistachio.  they always expect you want two flavors in your cone. 

anyway, i´m happy again.  was feeling a bit homesick for the holidays.  mike and i are doing solo trips for the next two or so months so i wasn´t sure what my christmas and new years plans were.  being in a city i know with friends is a comfort. 

thinking of you all.  xo


4 responses to “back in Buenos!

  1. Hey Erica! We’ll miss you over the holidays- be safe- and have fun- good to know that you are happy again!!!

  2. Gald to hear you’re feeling good to be back in BA. We miss you tons of course, but are also so jealous of your adventures! We’ll be thinking of you!

  3. Photos are so great. Keep them coming! Grandma-pa are missing are missing their only granddaughter and Mumma is missing her only granddaughters – you, Elina and Tori. It’s all boys for the holidays! 🙂
    Love you and miss you

  4. Hey Erica I look forward to reading about your adventures. We’ll all be missing you at gram and gramps..especially for “the Gift Game”. Us girls will fight for a few gifts for you!? Take care. Merry Christmas and A very Wonderful New Year. Love and Miss U. Hugo is glad to hear you are enjoying his country!

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