trip to Sucre, another one for the books.

 beltwe had heard a handful of complaints about the buses in Bolivia so we weren{t too surprised when we got on the bus.  it was like a beat up greyhound.  Bolivians take buses places they aren{t meant to go.  we were off-roading… barreling down dirt and mud roads.  crying babies, vibrating seats…  i was dumbfounded!  i just couldn{t believe this was … how they got around.  Sucre is the CAPITAL!  and this was the route from the southern border?  i can{t even describe it.  i was actually scared.  luckily we were not in a two story bus.  at one point (1:30 am) we got stuck in mud and everyone got out while the men threw rocks in the tire path.  behind us was another two-story bus stuck in mud but leaning really badly.  again, in disbelief we looked on as 8 or so men tried pushing a GIANT, LEANING BUS through mud.  the rocks helped ours out and we were on our way again.  there was another point at which we had to back up for about a mile cause we couldn{t get through mud.  backing up a bus on a mountain road at night…  yeah.  i didn{t sleep much. 

in the morning the ride had improved, we located something we thought we{d lost, and we were happy to be alive.  
the exhilerating voyage has paid off because Sucre is absolutely beautiful.  Its so friggin photogenic and Architecturally breathtaking.  Colonial style and painted uniformly white.  stunning.  our hostel is colonial as well… just postcard perfect.  it makes my head spin.  pink flowering cactus at the end of white washed outdoor halls.  i don{t think there are any buildings over two or three stories high except for the churches.  they are all set neatly into the mountainsides that Sucre wraps around.  

tomorrow we{re going to an artisan craft fair just outside of town and monday (after the textile museum, mom) we leave for LaPaz and biking the Dead Road!  (yeah, more extreme sports in store for us.) 
good to hear from some of you!  kate, missed celebrating your birthday with you this year.  hope it was a blast! 


3 responses to “trip to Sucre, another one for the books.

  1. Please read your email now.

  2. The adventures continue! Thanks for the update and the birthday shout out! We missed you of course! Looking forward to hearing about biking the Dead Road!

  3. Thanks for the pic. What an awesome shot of you on the Dead Road…it’s scarey even saying it. We are all AMAZED!

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