leaving Buenos Aires

(mostly from an email i just wrote to my mom) 
hello… just letting you know we made it.  it was a close call and i´m grateful to be alive. 

just kidding.  the only close call was that we nearly missed the bus this morning because we took awhile saying goodbye to marina. 

i just had the most luxurious 5 hr. bus ride ever.  far more comfortable than any airline, and even with two movies and a tray of sandwiches.  and coffee and water.  now we´re in  paraña on the rio paraña…  near santa fe.  we passed through both santa fe and rosario getting here and have decided we want to go back and explore because they were awesome.  old colonial architecture and giant shady tree lined streets. 

i´m at the computer in our hostel (Paraña Hostel, the only one in town at the moment) which is a converted home that is most adorable.  old spanish looking tiles, barrel vault brick ceilings, whitewashed walls, a shady patio with built in bbq and a courtyard.  there is only room for 20 here so it´s secure.  there is a white curly haired dog named copo, which means snowflake.  awesome.

it´s great.  we´re having no trouble at all getting around, it cost just over a dollar to get a cab from the bus station.  the station is full of other buses coming and going to places we´re looking into.  i´m in contact with Val to see where we should meet her.  we´re here till sunday.  going to the festival probably tomorrow… 
see, no worries!  🙂 

last night was fun.  we ended up just staying at the house.  we had the fallafel thanksgiving dinner with Ivan and then i heard from Cooper that it was too late to come over with dessert so we stuck around, drank fernet and coke, and wine.  César showed up as well as our other housemates.  so it ended up a going away party.  got an hour of sleep before having to get up to pack.  also contributing to our being late to the bus station. 

andrea and mike just played foos ball and are now preparing the mate.  then we´ll probably head three blocks over to the city´s main drag, a pedestrian way and park. 

got to get in on the mate.  talk soon.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING by the way.  i toasted to you all.  xoxo


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