if i snuggle up to the plant…

…on the balcony i can tap into someone’s wireless internet. so yes, i’m at home but i’ll be surprised if the internet lasts long enough to post.

just wanted to share this with you: 10a convencion. translate the page in google. mike is there now for the next four days. i’ll join them tomorrow night probably. here is K8, the juggle store that mike was so elated to find.

see if i can squeeze in a quick post otherwise: tuesday night marina had a young crowd of musician friends over for dinner so we all cooked up this big awesome brazilian meal. (i find myself within brazil’s magnetic field.  soon.) marina’s daughter is daniella. the two of them are beautiful. mother/daughter. her boyfriend is a pianist in a jazz band. they play wednesday nights so last night we went out to have a listen. i had an expensive dirty vodka martini and was weirded out by the flavorlessness of it. not so good. had fun drawing on bar napkins though, which the band kept. funny story. last wednesday andrea went to the show and met a woman who had moved here several years ago from NY. friends with daniella. turns out she wrote the book andrea’s mom had bought for her before she traveled. Kiss and Tango. ha! stuff like that happens. small world. apparently it’s a tale of her sexplots in buenos aires. so andrea felt she knew a little too much about the woman. heh heh.

here’s some other stuff.
i go here on monday nights:
La bomba de tiempo

the KONEX cultural center is really fantastic. i could go there every day of the week for some good entertainment. the outdoor movies i haven’t been to yet but will starting next week when spanish class is earlier in the day. we went to “air condition” about a month ago. it was an aerial ballet correographed by one of the original folks from de la guarda. it was kind of an intro to the scene here. the performances are imaginative in ways i’ve not seen before.  (that and the alternative video festival someone directed us to.  i knew i’d come to the right place.)
also funny: andrea and i have decided we’ve been living the same life but in different cities all along.  today we discovered that our drivers licences photos are identical. strange since we look nothing alike in person.  i think i’ve convinced her we need to be in Brazil for new years.

this is great! my internet hasn’t failed me yet! i’ve got a bottle of wine and have already decided to spend the night in so i’m coming dangerously close to drunk blogging. i’ll cut out now and pick up my banjo.  adios y’all.  haha.  that’s wrong.  i crack myself up.


4 responses to “if i snuggle up to the plant…

  1. Hi Erica,

    I love your posts. Hearing about you wonderful life in Buenos Aires is a breath of fresh air as I slog through my law books.

    Well, this is a short post since I have to get back to work, but I wanted to tell you that I’m thinking about you and am glad that you sound so happy (well okay drunk!).

  2. You’ve always cracked us up! I knew your drawings would become collector’s items some day!

  3. We love to hear how your doing. Keep those posts and pics coming. We celebrate Thanksgiving this year with lots to be thankful for but with key people missing from our holiday table and they are sorely missed. Love from the Nelson Clan.

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