weekend retreat does a body good

(okay, i have to apologize, this is long and stream of consciousness.)  oh my gosh.  if there is one thing i could share with you it would be a weekend on the farm.  i am floating two feet above the ground and grinning from ear to ear after having spent four days out at Marina´s campo.  Marina is our landlady and ¨campo¨is the countryside.  ¨estancia¨ is more descriptive for what it is but i won´t get into that right now.  i just want to tell you about it´s wonderfulness.  (okay, extancia is the farmstead)

as i´m sure you´re all happily aware… and we´re sadly lacking, it was halloween weekend and the celebrations here were less obvious.  apparently costume parties go on here all month long, or whenever the hell they want.  we´ve seen random groups parading around in costume all month and wondered at it till someone explained.  so anyway, we thought we´d find something fun to get our halloween fix till marina invited us to the farm.  we thought about it a moment and then decided it just didn´t feel like halloween anyway so we´d go out to the country and get some sun, fresh air, and relaxation.  SUCH A GOOD DECISION!  we have this fantasy that marina is putting us through some odd initiation of tasks.  there have been a couple things where we´re just like, ¨hm, this is weird… she´s going to kill us right?¨  haha.  so anyway, she sent us out to some random corner in the city to wait for a ¨van¨ that would pick us up.  we had to tell the driver where we wanted to get off.  okay…  she would meet us at the station two and a half hours away cause we had to get a cab from there.  there would be no phone reception and no way to be in touch once we left.  haaaa…  we caught the ¨van¨ at the designated corner and it really did just pull up and open the door for us.  there was so much that happened even just getting there that i won´t go into all that detail, but it got dark, we thought we were going to die from the crazy driving of everyone on the road, passed through little villages where people randomly got off the van.  finally we saw a sign and asked to get off.  there was marina.  our lives still intact.  by the way, ¨we¨ is mike, our housemate andrea from NY and i.  we got in a cab after having a coffee and receiving complimentary souvenir ash trays (no of us smoked…) took a bumpy ride into the night and the fields.  out of nowhere came a fence which marina opened and then a stand of amazing towering trees.  we drove through the lawn up to a little cottage. 

look through my photos (when i get them up.)  we built a fire and stayed up late apprecitating the sounds from outside.  at some point we stepped out to admire the stars and stood agast.  mouths gaping till we realized the mosquitoes were devouring us.  i´d never seen the stars so clearly.  they twinkled so much it gave the illusion of them all moving.  we didn´t believe they were stars. 

we spent the weekend exploring the land.  the residents include cows, sheep and horses.  the land has been in marina´s family for a couple of generations.  they planted the trees that now tower above and give habitat to soooo many different types of birds.  hawks, woodpeckers, colorful song birds, herons, owls though we didn´t see any.  they now rent the land to farmers who herd the cows and sheep. 

i am currently sitting gingerly as punishment for riding horses two of the days.   i was suspicious at first… you know, horses have crazy mind controling powers that turn you into their slave.   so i believe that i was riding the horse, but it may have been riding me, figuritively speaking.  anyway, i was loving it.  marina says i nearly gave her a heart attack, but that i have a hand for it.

what else… the FOOD!  au natural!  we actually picked kumquats and made jam.  ha.  and it´s pretty delicious.  we had fantastic veggie meals of squash and red pepper and pea soup.  picked lemons to squeeze lemonade.  some kind of mint and made tea with honey from the land…  if you are familiar with my someday dream of living self sustainably you can imagine that i was in heaven. 

all communication with marina was in spanish.  i have to admit i´m not doing very well getting a word in but i´m understanding a lot.  rest of the time i spent admiring the farm architecture (which i will scan my sketchs of (look at mike´s photos too))  walking to ¨town¨to buy groceries, gynastics and juggling in the lawn, card games and banjo playing into night.  alright.  i´m sorry to gloat, but it was just the best time i could imagine.  i´m very happy right now, just wish i could have you all here to experience it.   thank you sooo much to marina for the awsome opportunity. 

hope everyone had a happy halloween.  thank you for the messages, i love to hear that you´re doing well and up to fun.  talk soon.  (and more photos, i promise.  we still don´t have internet.  this is another of marina´s evil plots against us.)


3 responses to “weekend retreat does a body good

  1. very cool. So jealous. I’ll have to look up komquat’s on google/wikipedia.

  2. Erica-
    sounds like you had a fabulous weekend!! 🙂 Miss you lots-


  3. My spanish isn’t so great, but I think Marina said that she would have had a heart attack had she ridden like you rode that day (not necessarily that you gave her a heart attack). Who knows.

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