i keep a little note pad in my back pocket

wrote this on the bus the other day. 

big news of the day: we´re on the bus! 

oooh, big deal right?  well, to figure out the bus is to really be here.  the buses go everywhere and while the subte (subway) is pretty good and resembles the NY subway stops, it doesn´t go some places.  it´s funny, similar to DC metro not extending into Georgetown, it seems the subte has stayed out of the more prosperous regions of Recoletta and Palermo.  hm.  anyway.

deciphering the bus schedule is like doing your taxes… in another language.

the bus map is a book.  it cost 3 pesos ($1).  there are pages of maps which correspond to an index of streets which correspond to lists of bus routes.  intimidating.  we hear that you get the hang of it… and we seem on our way.

Mike observes that the seat are slippery and uncomfortable. 

besides reading the schedule and finding the right bus you also have to contend with the bus drivers.  they only come to a full stop on accident, in other words be prepared to jump and roll, or hang on for dear life.  before your foot leaves the ground we´re movin´.  AND you have to tell the driver how much to charge you.  ¨ochenta¨ is usually the fare.  the drivers are either unbelievably skilled or unbelievably stupid.  anyway, when i´m on a bike i don´t trust them at all.  they barrel along behind or next to you.  it feels like a scene from star wars. 

the buses themselves are a spectacle.  there are a variety of fleets, different colors and styles.  Mercedes buses.  they have all sorts of little flourishes on the windshield such as quilted curtains with tassels and fringe. 

(we made it to our destination!)

… our return trip:  
15 minutes in the rain trying to find the bus and route home.  it made no sense, (did i mention all the roads are one way) but now i understand, just trust the little book… 

a successful day in many ways.  we now ride a colorful bus, this one with lacy cut mirrors.  at the moment i´m actually really enjoying the bus.  i´ve got a fantastic elevated window seat at the back of the bus and i´m headed home to a dry pair of socks.  happiness.   xo


One response to “i keep a little note pad in my back pocket

  1. Have you been on a bus yet where street venders come on and off trying to sell you bubble gum or other trinkets!? That is when you know you are in latin america!

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