bought some stuff.

mike nearly contained his excitment as we stepped into the juggling store.  this type of store is rare as it is, but this particular one is well known in the juggling crowd world-wide.  but you´d never know it´s there… one of those secret doors in a wall type places.  after playing with the glowing balls for awhile he bought clubs and 5 regular balls with the intention of joining the juggling crowds in Recoleta on the weekend.  we made friends with a guy (ensalada) from Mexico who does contact juggling and has clued us into many artistic performance events around town. 

we also bought cell phones for a little freedom from one another.  we´re definately ready to venture out alone.  then we ate some fantastic food and i bought a really nice waterproof jacket. 
we made some other friends at the hostel and have been going out with them.  i never thought i´d adjust to the lifestyle of dinner at midnight and staying out till morning, but i´m getting there.  haven´t been to any night clubs yet really.

so tonight is this city-wide museum party.  they are open till 2 am i think and then there´s a party in the park near our home.  i´m going with a new housemate and her friend.  

been thinking of stuff i´m missing in DC though… know there was a houseparty for sean´s band last night for instance.  hmmm.  hope all´s well.  love e


4 responses to “bought some stuff.

  1. Your descriptions are awesome. Would love some pics too!
    We’ve been seeing lots of people lately asking about your trip – Ryan Orvis, Paige and Terry (They had a clam bake today-great), Peter Gillette and family(Pete’s dinner was excellent), David “Beach” (doing fine)

    Can’t wait till you get the internet at your house.

  2. This is awesome. Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. This is so much fun for us who cannot be there to enjoy this trip with you. Thanks for sharing. Jake says to say “hi”

  3. Love your musing E. It’s making me excited for my trip to Europe- leaving Fri. 🙂

  4. Hey lady-

    the site is great. i think you should do a slideshow of all the great architecture, and the new place of course. let me know when you get an address and i will send bonafide letters and parcels. have you found grocery stores yet?


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