after just loosing an entire post i have to say that i miss a more dependable internet situation… however that said… we live in a fantastic new place with a zany little lady.  she´s probably in her 50´s but having a second life now that her daughter is grown up.  it´s pretty endearing to see her dart around the house to get us things.  in the middle of conversations she´ll sprint off down the hall and be back with an armload of maps or dictionaries.  she was formerly a language teacher.  now she plays the djembe and paints tapestries.  she pretty psyched that i´m vegetarian and she treated us to an fabulous meal last night that she made for her visiting artist friends. 
we have a good sized room where we can fit our bikes, two beds, a dresser etc.  there´s a lot of natural light from an interior courtyard. 
two other rooms to rent in the apartment.  it´s more cuban in character but i love all the bright colors.  best are the balconies and the farmers market below on saturday mornings.  we woke to an old porteno  playing the accordian. nice nice, very nice.

much has happened but as we´re running out of time at the internet cafe i´ll just not that i´ve taken lots of photos of the house and will get them up soon.  mike has started some photo series as well so maybe i can get a link up to his. 


5 responses to “okay.

  1. Erica-
    Glad to hear that you are settled in a place to live for the moment! I miss you- and am thinking of you often.

  2. Hey there! Sounds good! Glad things are coming together for you so quickly! I know you are missing fall, so here is a picture that I took outside my house a little while back. Take care, darlin’!

  3. Hey Erica–this site is amazing, I love hearing about all of your adventures! Makes my life seem very boring 🙂 Miss you lots and can’t wait to keep hearing more!
    Love you

  4. Mumma says “hi”. She’s so happy to see your pictures and hear your news. Stay safe, have a great adventure and come home safe and healthy. Love ya and Miss ya

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