bikes, dog poo, pizza

i’ve put up some photos – check the flickr link to the right.

there are two computers at our hostel. we’ve been camping out here every morning to translate messages from potential apartment shares. we have a couple leads but have only seen one place so far. like many of the buildings downtown, it was a mansion that had seen better days. i love the character though and the balconies warm the place up. we’re going to keep looking.

mike is having a mate. we agree that it tastes horrible.
heheh… he’s trying to get back into it, having drunk a lot during college.

a couple quick notes so i don’t hog the computer anymore –

about my post heading:
we rode our bikes yesterday for the first time. while it was awesome to be riding again and to zip through the streets with wind in my hair, i quickly became aware of the dense car and bus exhaust. there are no emission standards here so there are really old vehicles spouting black clouds. i might actually start wearing a mask.
ps – it is pretty bizarre to see smoking indoors. apparently there was a law passed this year banning smoking in certain public spaces (theaters, schools, restaurants) but it is blatantly ignored.

dog poo is everywhere. just watch your step.
also of note is this cat park we ran into yesterday. the cats have somehow claimed corners of the parks. it looks like a little cat ghetto. i guess there are a few known places around town.

as i’ve mentioned, there are a lot of pizzerias and there seems to be little interest in any cuisine other than italian. a veggie pizza here consists of tomato and dried basil. i don’t know how Argentinians eat like they do and stay healthy… it’s red meat, cheese, bread, no veggies, and sweets full of dulce de leche. i’m looking forward to having a kitchen to cook for myself.
however, last night we met former co-worked/son of boss Cooper Jones for sushi at a place called “Business” in Recoleta. there was a giant camel-shaped disco ball. so, a disco camel. they played a video of VH1 divas concert three times while were there.
we discussed the abundance of PDA. “fredeliando”… (sp) and of public arguments that are precursors to the PDA. many families live in the city so it’s likely that young people live at home, so they go out to argue and make up. we’ve heard of tuvelos (sp) that are essentially sex rooms, like a cheap motel, that are pretty popular.
alright, gotta go. we’re being latched onto by our overzealous hostel manager.
xo – thanks for checking in on me… it’s nice to hear from you.


9 responses to “bikes, dog poo, pizza

  1. Missing you Erica-
    Here’s a helpful Spanish Phrase- Como se dice (di-say)… it means “how do you say…” comes in handy when learning- “como de dice??” and point to something…..


  2. mate is a lot better with sugar – azucar! If of course they have some around. . .
    Buen suerte!

  3. On Mike’s suggestion, I went and bought and made some of this mate stuff. It’s nasty and it turned by mug green. ¡Pero ahora quiero bailar!

  4. Now that was some info we’d never get from a book. Keep it coming, Erica.
    Sounds like mate is muy mal –
    Love ya – Mom and Dad

  5. spanish is easy. learn the subjunctive. don’t learn “vosotros” conjugations. useless except in spain. post in spanish. i need practice.

    tambien, mate es sabrosa. tomo mas o menos dos o tres bebidas cada dia. add a little honey. or, soak it in cold water for a few seconds before you brew it. takes the edge off. tastes a little like alfalfa.

    met any gauchos yet?


  6. Miss you! Sounds like it’s pretty sweet down there tho. Going to be in Santiago de Chile at the beginning of January. I think we are just going to be in Chile the whole time (going through the mountains and on the shore north to south). I don’t know if you could get there, but we’ll figure it out.

    DC is good…same old sheite. hollar!

  7. I think I told you about the poop. everyone goes out and washes their sidewalks at 6 am, and then they walk their dogs at 6:15am

    and yes, BA=PDA. if you go to a club, don’t leave to go there until about 1 or 2 am and when you are there they will hand you little cards that are for by the hour hotels.

    the smoking is weird but so is the fact that infants can buy beer. and that mate stuff is like boiling a dead plant and pouring it in your mouth. its no coke.

    go find the washU students

    the school should be between cordoba y viamonte on montevideo, it is in the middle of the block on the west side of the street. its a big white building and you can just walk in, the students are on the second floor at the front of the building. just make sure they are not having class. it also is the architecture society and it has an architecture library and store.

    if you are in centro, you should only be a few blocks away.

  8. I said Rock, what’s the matter with you Rock? Don’t you see I need you Rock? Nina says keep on rocking out in BA.

  9. Erica,
    I love the posts! and the pictures! Is the cool bridge a Calatrava? It really reminds me of a Calatrava addition to the Milwaukee Art Museum.
    The PDA situation is very similar in Spain, it’s hilarious, but you get used to it!
    Anyway, good luck with the housing search, keep posting whenever you have the chance!

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