day two

just a quick post cause day two was a large improvement on day one and i should probably let you know…

i like this place.
Bs.As. (the most common abrv.) is on my good side. i did not find a coffee this morning, but i made do with nescafe till much later when i found a tall espresso. but i can handle that. i’ve got an open mind. for instance, we don’t flush toilets, all waste papers go in the trash. and i shower next to the toilet. my hostel is under renovation…

also, being vegetarian is less than exciting here. it’s not their strong suit… obviously. they put their parillos (grills) next to their churches. beef, religion and futbol. but i’m making due. tonight i had an asparagus, carrot, pineapple, palm heart on rye sandwhich. hm!
after walking the entire day i must say that the street-scape is awe inspiring. the conglomeration of architectural styles is chaotic but completely exciting to me. i’m taking lots of pictures and bought a notebook to start sketching in. you’ll have gaudi\horta organic iron work next to some massive brutalist concrete tower. plus, they have their own version of everything operational. i’m most impressed with the window shades. there are a lot of top rolling wood slat things. i like it. there are even some construction sites i’m going to keep an eye on.

it is still only dinner time (midnight) according to time but mike and i just got back from the bar and are exhausted! so we’re still adjusting. hey, it’s only day two. tomorrow we explore palermo and sunday we’re looking at an apartment in san telmo.

buenos noches, xo


3 responses to “day two

  1. Sounds cool, but you didn’t tell us what Bs.As. is an abrv. for!

  2. WOW! I’m loving this site- you are now my idol!

    I’m super glad you got to BS. AS. safe- sorry about the bag and the lack of bike for
    Mike- 😦 I will be sure to check this site often as I’ll be thinking of you often and your travels. I’m super glad we got to party it up before you left (ps. I love the pics)! Be safe girl and keep the journal flowing!

  3. Bs.As. is short for Buenos Aires! thank goodness.

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