sir, if you are tired, please to take the elevator.

mike and i arrived in buenos aires this morning on very little sleep and in shock of the drastic life change. it was\is still feeling like a vacation. lots has happened though,
but in summary, it’s been a challenging day.

not speaking spanish is VERY much a bummer. we are working on that constantly, trying to say everything… and as we had heard, most people are very nice and warm. we did stand around at the airport for awhile without notice hoping someone would ask us what our problem was cause no one seemed to work there. mike’s bike didn’t make it to the airport. traveling with bikes is a real hassle. a lot of people ride here, which is nice and will be great once we have his bike, but it might have been better to get one here (though, we haven’t seen any bike shops)

this evening we explored the area’s pedestrian ways and found a bar to pour over our books and plans. buenos aires is different from any place i’ve ever been… the city architecture and surrounding landscape is very distinct. i will get my photos up soon. vertical towers of dirty concrete are the apartment buildings sitting amongst the shanty villas. that is on the outskirts. downtown, or in the micro centre where we’re staying, there is a main axis that mirrors DC, with an obelisk, the “pink house” and the capital. the carillos are pretty narrow and the old buildings with balconies create a canyon lined with pizzerias, entertainment, and shops.

the other setback was that our room at the hostel was broken into and one of my bags was taken. i didn’t loose anything too important, but it was a blow. an important lesson i guess.

i’m looking forward to a solid night’s rest and a great cup of coffee in the morning. we’ll get mikes bike and set out to find an apartment.

good night all. xo


4 responses to “sir, if you are tired, please to take the elevator.

  1. Glad you made it- sorry to hear about the bag. Great to see all your pics of the good times we’ve had- Thinking about you!

  2. Hey sugar!

    Tu equipaje… que lastima. It’s an unfortunate but good lesson to learn. Just don’t lose your passport!

    Excited to hear about your journey.

    Que tengas suerte con tu busqueda de apartamento.

    Ciao y besitos-


  3. Erica!
    Glad you made it to BA, but so sorry to hear about your bag. Sounds like you are taking it in stride and moving forward which is what this experience is all about! Good luck with the apartment search and enjoy settling into a new and exciting place! I can’t wait to hear more about how it is going. We miss you already!

  4. Missing you lots – Ate a whole bag of chocolates already-no kidding! Look forward to reading your journal – write often, ok? Everyone asks about you, and sends greetings. We’re not telling your grandparents about the thief–you know what that would do!!
    Oh, Matt and Alex won a big award on Wed. Like a people’s choice for the state of Ohio – Best producers. They were invited to the award ceremony (2000 people) and were surprised to have their names called as winners of the category….And the song they wrote for Ray Cash is running away with it on 107.9. Today is the last day of summer – boohoo.

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